Augustcon 2023

DO IT YOURSELF INITIATIVE- Guided by the Gurus, Driven by the Self

  • Learn quality classical medicines manufacturing directly from Ayurveda gurus who have received the training from legendary master Vaidyas of yesteryears.
  • Imbibing the principles of Ayurveda while making medicines and honing skills in Rasashastra to become a Ras-Shastri.
  • Every participant will get a chance to do hands-on training to manufacture their medicines and carry the same along with them.
  • Learn to use the same medicines in multiple conditions to confine your practice with less number of drugs but with a broad ambit of ailments.
  • Engagement with the leading practising Ayurveda physicians to interact and know how to scale Ayurveda practice.
  • Interaction with experts from the industry.

The quality of medicines plays a key role in accomplishing desired health outcomes. Every Vaidya needs to be well aware of the drug manufacturing process and procedures involved in it even though a Vaidya may or may not start his/her manufacturing, they must always know the quality of medicines prescribed. Several such programs are being conducted emphasizing demonstrations of drug manufacturing but unfortunately, they lack the `Do It Yourself Approach.` We at Nanal Research Foundation have vowed to fulfil this void in this year`s Augustcon-2023 wherein you can hone your skills in Ras-Shastra and Bhaisajaya-Kalpana to claim your grip on the subject.

Do not wait now! Do it yourself!

Augustcon-2023 is waiting to host you in the land of the Himalayas and Devbhumi of Uttarakhand at a serene and silent place to become a sagacious Vaidya.

Aryavan Resort